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Wildlife Gardening in conjunction with Watlington in Bloom

Watlington in Bloom is hoping to hold an open gardens event later in the year so we hope you are busy tending your garden and considering opening it for this event. There are two things we would like gardeners to be doing;

1. When we have lovely spring weather spend time in your garden enjoying life. You and your garden will feel so much better for it. If you enjoy it then it is likely others would too.

2. Consider the wildlife in your garden and what you have done or could do to encourage wildlife and make a note of it. When we have our Open Garden Day we hope you will be pointing out the actions you have taken for wildlife so far so that other people are encouraged to do so too. A wildlife garden doesn’t have to be a messy wild garden although it is advised to wait to cut back dead growth as bugs may be overwintering in it.

Do you have a pond?

Do you have a hedgehog hole/gap in any fences?

Do you have a birdbath/shallow receptacle of water?

Do you have nesting boxes for birds, or bats, or hedgehogs?

These are just a few examples. The list goes on. Check out some of the articles about wildlife gardening on the WCAG Website.

Consider contacting me, Terry, to open your garden later this year.

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