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Recycling in Watlington

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Recycling here in Oxfordshire scores highly against other parts of the country, and a lot of our recycled waste is dealt with in-county. However, there is still a percentage of plastic waste that cannot be dealt with that is sold to a company which then sells it on as a commodity overseas. However, there are some hard to recycle items that are either not accepted in our green bins, or which will be dealt with more effectively. We have a number of Terrracycle recycling schemes for such items here in the town, as well as many nearby in Wallingford. See below for details:

Watlington Town Recycling:

Terracycle ‘Hard to recycle’ Schemes in Wallingford at K P Stationers (please see here for directions to the shop:

1. Snack packets scheme

2. Dental care scheme

Toothbrushes sold by So Sustainable can be returned to the shop for recycling by the manufacturer.

3. Biscuits and snacks scheme

4. The air, home and Laundry care scheme

5. Personal care and beauty scheme – facial wipes, shampoo bottles, moisturiser tubes etc.

6. Bread bag scheme – any brand of sliced bread bags

7. Confectionary scheme

8. Pringles can scheme

9. Baby food pouch scheme:

Other reference:

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