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Recycling in Watlington

Recycling here in Oxfordshire scores highly against other parts of the country, and a lot of our recycled waste is dealt with in-county. However, there is still a percentage of plastic waste that cannot be dealt with that is sold to a company which then sells it on as a commodity overseas. However, there are some hard to recycle items that are either not accepted in our green bins, or which will be dealt with more effectively. We have a number of Terrracycle recycling schemes for such items here in the town, as well as many nearby in Wallingford. See below for details:

Watlington Town Recycling:

Terracycle ‘Hard to recycle’ Schemes in Wallingford at K P Stationers (please see here for directions to the shop: https://www.yell.com/biz/k-p-stationers-wallingford-878297/):

1. Snack packets scheme

2. Dental care scheme

3. Biscuits and snacks scheme

4. The air, home and Laundry care scheme

5. Personal care and beauty scheme – facial wipes, shampoo bottles, moisturiser tubes etc.

6. Bread bag scheme – any brand of sliced bread bags

7. Confectionary scheme

8. Pringles can scheme

9. Baby food pouch scheme:


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