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Watlington Christmas Fair Stall

The weather for the Watlington Christmas Fair was sunny and perfectly freezing, but despite the cold, there was a huge turnout. We had a joint stand with Watlington Environment Group and the main theme was the Green Plan. We had a raffle for a Hedgehog House donated by Wild Oxfordshire, gave away "trailer sweepings" from Nigel Adam's wildflower meadow, sold beautiful upcycled Christmas decorations made and donated by Karen Higgs, and had a model of a wildlife-friendly garden on display. In addition, we had our Duke of Edinburgh volunteers Lawrence and Oliver conducting surveys on what progress people have made on Climate Action in the last three years. We also had a map of Watlington showing the progress that has been made on climate action, marking our plastic-free champions, thermal energy surveys, recycling points in the town, and some of the projects and events from the last couple of years. Thank you to Justin Wood at idsign for the map designs and Oxfordshire Art Week for the map.

We had many interesting and warm conversations with existing and new people. While it would appear that three years ago, people were only aware of the importance of climate change and biodiversity, this time around there is an acceptance that it is happening and that personal responsibility is part of the solution. We raised £124 in total, most of which will go towards the Green Plan, and we collected over 40 survey responses which will now be processed and reported on

  • £124 raised (don't ask about the split as the monies got mixed up) which will go towards the Green Plan and WCAG (small proportion)

  • Hedgehog hotel happy winner: Roselle Chapman of Wild Oxfordshire, who kindly donated the hotel, will give the prize to Suzie Bigwood next Saturday

  • Surveys: 41 done which now need to be processed, analysed, and reported on by our newest Duke of Edinburgh volunteer Oliver Short

A special thank you to Sophie, Andrea, and Iain for pulling everything together, Satnam for sharing his marquee with us, and our volunteers on the day Niki, Kim, Kate, Mike, Jeanette, Gerald, and Keith.

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