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Plastic Free Watlington

Now we have achieved accreditation for Watlington as a single-use plastic free community the next stage is to gain some new Champions (businesses) and Allies

(community groups/schools etc) and to get the existing Champions and Allies to go as far as they can in removing single-use plastics. Surfers Against Sewage are introducing a new scheme for businesses to aim for Bronze, Silver or Gold awards so more of this when we have heard more ourselves but this is surely something to look forward to.

This is naturally a time of change for our group and some members have stood down so we are looking for new members to get involved. It is not an onerous task as we only meet once a quarter and the actions simply involve chatting to people to try to achieve ridding ourselves of single-use plastic. A lot of businesses and organisations have already

started on the journey but just need some encouragement.

Single-use plastics are such a blight on our lives leaching into all parts of the environment, the air we breathe, the waterways, the land - but we can fight it. The less plastic we use the less plastic that should be produced and this will benefit climate as well as the environment. Plastics are produced using fossil fuels so if the production of plastics can be reduced then that is a benefit to all.

If you think you might like to join in either as a member of the team or as a business or organisation, then please contact

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