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Watlington Green Plan


I was delighted to take part in this year’s Garden Tree Giveaway, a wonderful initiative run by the Oxford-based International Tree Foundation and Oxfordshire Trees Collaborate. They successfully raised funds for 3000 trees to be distributed across the county for people to plant in their gardens. Households could order 2 bare-root trees from a list of 10 native deciduous species, all sourced from an Oxfordshire tree nursery. The species included crab apple, hazel, hawthorn, guelder rose, spindle, mountain ash/rowan, silver birch, field maple, wayfaring tree and wild cherry.

I acted as the distribution point for people in Watlington and the surrounding communities to collect their trees. Everyone was delighted to receive their trees, and it is heartening to know that about 90 native trees are being planted in local gardens! I hope that all the trees thrive, and that the scheme will run again next year so more local people can take part and benefit from more wildlife in their gardens.


The parish of Watlington is lucky to have a lot of trees, but some could do with better care and protection and there are also opportunities for increasing tree cover in some areas. As reported in last month’s Watlington Times, the Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Group and the Parish Council commissioned a detailed appraisal of trees in the parish by local expert Martin Gammie, and this now needs to be taken forward.

The NPAB is looking for people who are interested in seeing our trees better managed and in exploring opportunities to plant new trees to join a small group of people and draw up an action plan.

Please contact the Parish Office if you are interested.

Fiona Danks

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