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Launch screening of “The Chalgrove Brook – Rescuing A Chalk Stream”

Last Thursday was the long awaited launch screening of “The Chalgrove Brook – Rescuing A Chalk Stream” which was held at Icknield Community College. Attendees were first treated to a wonderful display of stands in the foyer, with Wild Oxfordshire, Watlington Environment Group, the River Thame Conservation Trust, the Chilterns Conservation Board, and Watlington Environment Group all represented. Even a revamped and repaired Toby Trout made an appearance, looking mighty fine next to the hall entrance!

We screened an extended “Directors Cut” of the film, which was then followed by a Q&A with a panel which included the stars of the film, Iain Naismith and Mike Chadwick of WEG, Daniel Moden who is Head of Geography at Icknield Community College, and Jaine McCormack representing Watlington’s artistic community. Chelsea Hothem represented River Thame Conservation Trust and the panel also included the film maker Nicola Schafer.

It was wonderful to hear some of the feedback from the film:

“an inspiring and engaging film”

“a quick note to say what a brilliant film it was and how much I really enjoyed it and found it so interesting and informative”

“it flowed like a stream…so well put together”

“congratulations on such a great launch and such an amazing film”

“Beautiful film and very interesting evening”

“fantastic film and turnout… everyone was saying how good and informative it was and how we can all make a difference”

“Awesome film, amazing job”

“I loved watching it, and learned a lot.”

Missed out on a ticket?

The event was sold out but if you were unable to attend fear not! The online premiere of the film is Friday 18th at 8pm and you can register to watch it here:

Lots of thank yous! To our amazing team that put the launch event together, led by Sophie Nelson. Thank you to Andrea Brewer, Gerald Short, Oliver Short, and Sophie on the registration desks, Eleanor Short and Alexia Tolfts welcoming people and handing out programmes, Andrea, Sophie, Jules and Annette for putting together the WCAG stand, and Jeanette, Kim and Jules for manning it, Kate for being in charge of the First Aid kit, Alex and Laurence for helping with the chairs, the many willing hands for the clear up afterwards, Roselle Chapman for her amazing job compering the event, Rhiannon for the Wild Oxfordshire stand, Chelsea for the Wild Oxfordshire stand, Annette for the Chilterns Conservation Board display, Iain Naismith for the Watlington Environment Group stand, Jaine and her team for mending and moving Toby, Daniel for ensuring that the evening went smoothly from a technical point of view, Dee Robinson for photographing the event, Ron Schafer for videoing the Q&A and Icknield Community College for use of their venue.

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