‘Ink Holiday Monday’ and a ‘Bring and Brew’

August Bank Holiday Weekend

Green Plan Art Trail - 12 pm - 5 pm Saturday, Sunday and Monday

At the Hedgerow Station located at the artsHUB in the Methodist Church, we will be celebrating ‘Ink Holiday Monday’ and a ‘Bring and Brew’ event will be taking place throughout the course of the afternoon.

People are invited to bring any plant material, be it flowers, berries, leaves and/or twigs, to the station where artist Jules Bishop will be spending the afternoon making inks and pigments out of your lovely plants. Hedgerow plants are preferred, so that we, as a parish, can extend our colour knowledge of the landscape around us, however if you have a plant that you’re curious to find out what colour it will yield, then bring it along. Only a small amount of material is required, a small bag full and remember to practice ethical foraging while collecting the material, only 10% on any one branch is a good benchmark.



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