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Updated: May 10, 2022

We need your help with a project! Watlington Community Energy, a volunteer-run community programme is looking for project team members for a 4 month feasibility study project to investigate how to implement renewable energy in Watlington. Watlington Community Energy has been set up by Watlington Climate Action Group (WCAG) and was successful in bidding for a grant by the Rural Community Energy Fund.

What is Rural Community Energy Fund (RCEF)? A £10 million government programme by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. It is run by regional Net Zero Hubs and supports rural communities in England to develop renewable energy projects, which provide economic and social benefits to the whole community. Watlington Community Energy has put together a strong application to look into ways to support the Watlington community towards net zero and received the full funding amount from the funding body.

What will the project deliver? Watlington Community Energy has secured a grant of £40,000 from RCEF to enable the community to undertake two feasibility studies. The studies will analyse and document the technical, regulatory and financial feasibility of a large-scale community energy system including a communal renewable heat systems network, solar energy production and storage, and building retrofitting. The studies can then be used to build a development and investment plan to implement the right solution for the community and as fast as possible.

Why is this important for the Watlington community? Clean renewable energy generation at the community level is beneficial both to the community and the wider environment. By reducing dependence on fossil fuel-based energy generation, communities can secure future energy supply, gain protection from rising fuel costs and reduce the risk of fuel poverty. Income from renewable projects can be used to provide benefits to the community, create jobs, and promote social programmes. This project is for people and planet, it aims to benefit the local community in Watlington and is made possible by the community.

Interested to join the project?

Please reach out via email to

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