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Home and Energy

The Homes and Energy project is making its first steps this winter in spite of the lockdown. Kate Brown has been carrying out thermal imaging on a small number of homes, as a trial, partly funded by Watlington Parish Council. 45 of 50 homes have so far had their thermal images taken, and these will be shared with householders along with advice on what they might be able to do to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of their homes – there will also be a survey to complete, so we can start to gather some information about the housing in Watlington for our future project.

Heat loss is often high from front doors (especially single-glazed or wooden doors), so we’re offering a free draught excluder to anyone who needs one. Please get in touch via our email address if you would like to take us up on this offer, and equally if you’d like to volunteer as a maker. Thanks to Denise Allnut for coordinating this aspect of the project, and to Karen, Diana and Joy for already volunteering to help with the making.

Lastly, Tom Robinson created a home energy efficiency flyer, which has been distributed to all homes in the parish.

Thanks go to Kim Price and family, Lawrence, Freddie, Tom and Keith who distributed the leaflets to over 1000 homes. And don’t worry, the carbon footprint of the leaflets (estimated at 36kg), will easily be offset by just a few households using some of the measures.

Here’s a photograph of a ‘chimney sheep’ in-situ; it’s a chimney draught excluder and perfect for reducing heat loss through unused chimneys (and it helpfully has a lovely little tag to remind you it’s there if you are going to light the fire: “Don’t ewe forget about me!”).

See to buy one of these little beauties 😊

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