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Good Read Green Deed

Review by Kim Price

Hope you enjoyed the previous review post:

Here is the review of the final of the 3 books:

Climate Action: The future is in our hands

Georgina Stevens (author),

Katie Rewse (illustrator)

Publisher: Little Tiger Press Group, March 2021 I

SBN: 9781838911614

This is a book about climate change written for young people aged 7 to 12, but it is a wonderful read for all ages. It is colourfully illustrated and neatly laid out with unstuffy language. The book is filled with creative ideas and motivating examples to inspire the next generations of changemakers. This stunning read dovetails the facts about the climate crisis with practical tips on how everyone can make a positive impact. Books like this make you want to read more and also make a difference; this is book was inspirational for me and I am nearly sixty! Georgina and Katie share the facts and share hope. Children (and adults) can learn about the causes of climate change and how it’s affecting our world, explore the human impact and what it means to have a carbon footprint and read about creative ideas for tackling the climate crisis. There are vignettes of real-life with motivating stories from young changemakers around the globe. On top of this one tree will be planted for every book sold in the UK. In addition, there are some online materials that are freely available, regardless of having bought the book. This is a vibrant book in so many ways, I wish I had kids to read this to as a bedtime story.

Bestselling author Neil Gaiman is quoted as saying ‘Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.’ That’s how I feel about climate change, so do read widely about the dragon of climate change!

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