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Electric Vehicles Event Summary

Details on the upcoming Electric Vehicle Event - 14th April, 19:45 BST

Register Here:

The talk aims to answer some of the key questions;

Are electric vehicles greener?

How close is the EV transition?

Can our electricity system cope?

Does it matter what time of day we charge the vehicle?

Finally, why embracing smart meters is vital as we head towards net-zero emissions

The event speaker is Anthony Simpson;

Anthony Simpson has an MSc in Renewable Energy and Sustainability has worked for a number of years in the fields of both solar energy and the grid integration of electric vehicles and has co-led a company's environmental programme leading to a listing in the Sunday Times greenest companies. A climate change campaigner for nearly 20 years – through reading scientific, industry and government reports and research from around the world, Anthony has compiled a considerable amount of research across a broad range of topics in order to bring much greater clarity about the most important things we can do to respond to the growing threat of environmental collapse.

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