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Watlington Climate Action Youth - Meeting with Cllr Freddie van Mierlo

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Watlington Climate Action Youth Group - Meeting with Freddie van Mierlo (new Councillor for the Watlington and Chalgrove division) Prior to the county council elections, we contacted all the local candidates with a set of questions about their plans to help tackle climate change within the local area and we also asked if they would be interested in meeting our group if elected. Following this initial outreach, the Youth Group had a Zoom meeting on 10th June with Freddie van Mierlo on reducing the carbon footprint of our area. Freddie is keen to work with the group on issues such as climate change and biodiversity loss and he emphasised his priorities, including reductions in transport emissions (the largest source of emissions in the UK as a whole). For instance, we discussed potential new cycle paths, such as one linking Watlington and Lewknor; with projects like this he aims to reduce traffic congestion in our communities. We also talked about improving the sustainability of new developments, where he was clear about his opposition to the Chalgrove development, partially due to the large environmental impact this would have.

Additionally, Freddie also highlighted the need to bridge the gap between enthusiasm to act within local communities and the lack of clear guidance for local community groups. We look forward to continuing to work with Freddie in the future. Alex Wooster,: Student in year 11 - WCAG Youth Group

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