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UN report on Biodiversity

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

The Global Biodiversity Outlook 5 report was published last month, and while there has been some progress, the world has failed to meet a single one of the 20 targets agreed in 2010 to slow the loss in the natural world. Natural habitats continue to disappear, and global wildlife populations have plunged by two thirds, due to human overconsumption, population growth and intensive agriculture. This is not helped by the vast government subsidies that act to encourage destructive environmental practices in agriculture, fishing and fossil fuels. This matters, because humanity depends on the natural world functioning, for our own wellbeing, prosperity and security. But what can we do, here in Watlington? In the spirit of Think Global, Act Local, we are taking action through the Green Plan project to help strengthen biodiversity here, with the aim of providing greater resilience to ever greater climate stresses as well as directly sequestering carbon from the atmosphere.

Email us if you would like to be involved in the Green Plan : or add a comment.

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