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To our amazing Green Plan Art Trail volunteers.

Thank you so much for helping make the Green Plan Art Trail a reality!

Our ambitious plan could not have happened without you. There were over 1,800 visits to the different habitat stations, with some people collecting stamps from all six and others just visiting one or two. At each station, people learned about a different habitat, took part in activities, and saw some specially created nature-inspired art pieces. THANK YOU to the artists, who created the artworks at each station. We hope that some of these will be reused in other settings and continue to convey the message of appreciating and protecting the natural world. THANK YOU to the volunteers on the stands, who ran activities that engaged especially younger children, and those of all ages too. THANK YOU to the people who supported the event by loaning or helping put up marquees, transporting equipment, and the artwork! THANK YOU to David Parker Associates and Watlington Parish Council for providing printing. THANK YOU to the habitat experts Nigel Adams, Robert Barber, Mike Chadwick, Roselle Chapman, Don Cousins, Martin Gammie, Iain Naismith, Hilary Philips, Hugh Warwick, and Chris Mason who gave up their time to talk to visitors throughout the event. THANK YOU to everyone who created and shared posts, and Watlington Times, Henley Standard, Round & About, and BBC Oxford for publishing information about the event THANK YOU to Mark Lord for creating the habitat icons for the event and donating sales of his prints. THANK YOU also to Mark Lord and Dee Robinson for the photography of the event. THANK YOU to Satnam Bains for keeping the website updated. THANK YOU to Anna Tilley, Libby Willis, and F.O.W.L. for supporting and promoting the Trail. THANK YOU especially to Steph Van de Pette of So Sustainable for her generous sponsorship. THANK YOU also to Stephanie Halliwell 'Frankie Loves Cakes' for the brilliant cake raffle prize, and to our town cryer Rae Young for drawing the Raffle in full costume! THANK YOU to Graeme Lawrence for the beautiful handmade prizes of the Hedgehog Feeding Station and Bee Hotel THANK YOU to Hugh Warwick for captivating the audience at the Hedgehog Funday Sunday and to the Hedgehog Bake Off judges, Hugh Warwick, Linda Seward, and Liz Winton.

THANK YOU to our Organising Team who all put in a lot of effort in all kinds of ways but in particular: Jeanette Wooster for doing all the Risk Assessments Helen Marshall for promoting the event Fiona Danks for organising the tree station and tree fostering scheme Andrea Brewer for leading on the artworks and Hedgehog Funday Sunday Jules Bishop for leading on the artworks and Hedgerow Station Luisa Keinprecht in particular for outstanding work creating the information boards THANKS to you all we have:

  • increased awareness of our local habitats and the importance of protecting them across our community, and beyond

  • signed up 39 people to the Tree Fostering scheme, helping provide seedlings for our tree and hedge planting programmes

  • signed up 25 people to the Hedgerow Highways scheme

  • created a set of public artworks for ongoing display

  • created the materials for an online Green Plan Art Trail as an ongoing legacy of the event

We've been blown away by the way so many people have come together to make this event happen.

Henley Standard write-up of the event and watch out for the slide show (coming soon)!

Thank you all, from Nicola Schafer (Watlington Climate Action) and Jaine McCormack (Watlington Artists and WEG).

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