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The Chalgrove Brook - The Story

It took me nearly a decade to find out what was under my nose.

The network of brooks that run through Watlington are part of something extra special, a chalk stream. It took me even longer to find out that they are under threat.

The more I found out, the more I wanted to let others know what we have, why it is worth protecting and how we might do that.

​Whilst one of the more obscure chalk streams, the characteristics and the threats faced by the Chalgrove Brook are common to all chalk streams.

By looking at one, we are also looking at them all. ​Streams and waterways are important habitats. It is vital that we protect and value them.

But how do we do that?

Find out about local organisations working to improve the brook and engage the communities alongside it. Dive into the magical world on our doorstep, its geology, history, and ecology. And have hope that our streams can be returned to their natural, rare, astonishing beauty. Nicola Schafer

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