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Plastic Free Champion - That Lovely Stuff

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Congratulations to Nicola Challis of That Lovely Stuff who has been awarded Plastic Free Champion Status!

Nicola stocks a wide range of beautiful ethical and hand made products. Most products are either not wrapped in plastic or are wrapped in plant-based alternatives, for example, all hampers and candles. Nicola explained that the locally sourced hand made products she sells tend to be environmentally conscious in terms of the packaging materials used compared to mass-market products. House of Bluebell is an example of a supplier which is very environmentally conscious in terms of packaging, and many others are also moving to or already using environmentally friendly options.

Nicola is in communication with suppliers encouraging them to take the issue of single-use plastic seriously and recently refused to stock Christmas wrapping paper that was unrecyclable. She also buys Christmas Crackers in bulk and sells them individually, reducing the need for packaging. She offers paper, not plastic bags, although most customers now bring their own reusable bags. Nicola is bringing out a range of candles that will be in a glass jar with a wooden top - these beautiful items will need no wrapping. On top of this, she has either persuaded her other candle suppliers to stop using single-use plastic wrapping or is stopping stocking those items. 

Well done Nicola!


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