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Looking forward to the Christmas Tree Festival!

WCAG is joining organisations across Watlington in creating a Christmas Tree for the Christmas Tree Festival at St Leonards Church. The delightful theme is “Our Favourite Things” so we have chosen hedgehogs as they are so adorable – and in need of help following huge population declines. If you are interested in joining our Hedgehog Highways WatsApp group and helping look after and protect Watlington’s hedgehogs please get in touch.

Make a Pom Pom Hedgehog! You will need:

  • coloured card

  • wool

  • Felt tip pen

  • scissors

  • a scrap of recycled cardboard for the pom pom maker

  • glue stick or double sided tape

  • The template below

  1. Cut out a pom pom maker from some old cardboard like this:

  2. Wrap wool around the cardboard pom pom maker until you have a nice fat wad of it.

  3. Tie it tightly in the middle, then slide off the pom pom maker.

  4. Tie the middle tighter again.

  5. Snip the looped ends to create a pom pom, but leave long ends on the piece of wool tied around the middle. Use an extra-long piece of wool if you want to hang the hedgehog on your xmas tree.

  6. Cut out the template from here and draw around it onto card in a colour of your choice.

  7. Cut the template out. Make sure to cut the little slits on either side of the body.

  8. Fold the face along the dotted lines and then bend into a pointy nose shape. Glue down with a glue stick, you will need to put a bit of pressure on the tab and hold together for 20 seconds or so to get the tab to stick properly.

  9. Tie the pom pom onto the body, using the slits on the side to tuck the yarn into and hold it in place. If you want to hang the hedgehog, tuck the ends of the yarn back through the slits and over the top of the pom pom and tie a knot.

  10. Trim the pom pom a little if you think it needs it.

  11. Draw two eyes and a little nose on the end using your marker, and colour in the tips of the feet.

Make a Pom Pom Hedgehog
Download PDF • 460KB

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