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Join our offsetting project and help Watlington become Net Zero

Offsetting carbon emissions can be controversial, so WCAG has carefully selected a partner for Watlington’s first offsetting scheme, writes Nicola Schafer.

To tackle the immense challenge of helping Watlington lower its contribution to carbon emissions and ultimately become carbon neutral, Watlington Climate Action Group raises awareness and shares information through events, blogs and social media with practical advice on how to reduce our individual climate footprints. We run community projects to sequester carbon using natural climate solutions and we are investigating potential community energy and transport solutions.

However, as things stand Watlington is unlikely to get to where it needs to be in order to do our part in averting the worst effects of climate change on our community and the wider world.

So, how do we attempt to fill that gap?

Offsetting our individual carbon footprint is not an alternative to taking action, but it is something that can be done to mitigate those things that we can’t change, or that are very difficult to change. Offsetting can be a powerful tool to make an impact immediately


JOIN US and offset your household carbon footprint through Ecologi

We have chosen Ecologi as it is both very user-friendly and highly respected. Whilst some offsetting schemes have had a bad rap in the press we have researched Ecologi in depth and have confidence in its ability to ensure that money spent results in carbon removed. (More details can be provided on request).

How does Ecologi work?

Ecologi is a social enterprise company which uses a subscription model to provide offsets. Some 85% of the subscription is used for two purposes: to offset your carbon footprint through verified carbon offsets, and – separately – to plant trees. The carbon offset projects that users fund go to top-quality projects that limit or prevent greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere (such as renewable energy projects which displace existing fossil fuel energy).

Ecologi only funds offset projects which meet the highest verification standards, such as Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard. The remaining 15% covers everything else – including spreading the word, staff and premises costs, hosting and licenses.

A profile just for Watlington!

We have worked with Ecologi to set up a profile for Watlington, so when you set up your profile you can request for this to be linked to the Watlington profile. You can then see how you are doing and also we will be able to see how we are doing as a town. You can make your profile visible or anonymous in the account settings. Let’s see what impact we can make together!

How to get started

First of all you will need to set up your personal account. This is very easy and straightforward to do. You can “pay as you go” and just contribute as and when you can or you can sign up for one of the packages including options for families, which is a certain amount per month. You can customise this by the number of people and number of pets you have in your household.

To help get you started, email and we will send you a special link that gives you (and Watlington) a bonus of 30 trees. We can also help answer any questions you may have and send you the link for “pay as you go” if you prefer this option to the monthly subscription.

Once you have set up your account, click the ‘Contact Us’ link at the very bottom of the page use the live chat function or email Ecologi and simply ask to be added to the Watlington profile.

Email if you have any questions!

Check us out now!

The Watlington profile is already up and running at Will you join us and help reduce our town’s carbon footprint by offsetting your own?

Community Projects

Offsetting is most effective when it is done alongside individual and community action. So if you are able to help with any of our events or community-based initiatives, please do get in touch. We are looking for people to join both our committee and our project teams. Thank you!

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