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Green Plan Update August 2021

Celebrating Grasslands

This summer seems to be exceptional for wildflowers which in turn attract a range of pollinators from bumblebees and beetles to butterflies. The network of local footpaths in our parish goes through varied grassland habitats near town and a little further away; perhaps we should all slow down and take a bit more time to see what we can spot when out walking.

This month’s update is just a celebration of the incredible diversity and beauty of some of the flowers we are fortunate to have on our doorstep.

The Green Plan group is keen to know more about local grasslands and encourage management that benefits wildlife, whether this is on grass verges, in meadows and of course on the rich chalk grassland of Watlington Hill (owned and managed by the National Trust) and other nearby hillsides. Up to 40 species of plant can be found in one square meter of chalk grassland, where the thin soil doesn’t allow lush grasses to dominate, so an incredibly diverse range of lower growing species can thrive.

Photographs – Nicola Schafer and Fiona Danks

The Green Plan group is made up of members from Watlington Climate Action, Watlington Environment Group and Watlington in Bloom. We seek to find out more about local biodiversity, improve opportunities for wildlife and explore opportunities for planting trees to sequester carbon.

Fiona Danks

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