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Green Investing Talk - Wednesday 10th February 7.45 pm – 9 pm

In the wake of climate change, ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) funds are becoming increasingly popular, as investors are realising that they can make a positive impact with their money. “Close to six out of 10 sustainable funds delivered higher returns than equivalent conventional funds over the past decade” * Yet small and large investors are complaining about a lack of transparency, few products and problems with accessing such funds. Is green investing just philanthropy?

The talk will give you some of the necessary tools to untangle the differences between an opportunity that has been ‘greenwashed’ and one that is truly designed to deliver a positive impact on the environment and society.

Our first guest, Ethex, is a “positive investment” platform based in Oxford who will share with us ways to screen green and social investments in general. This will range from current accounts, savings to bonds, pension and equity investment. They will also explain how they work with local organisations such as the Low Carbon Hub to help them raise money for their projects and what’s in it for investors.

We have also invited The Low Carbon Hub to speak about their latest fundraising round “the Community Energy Fund” which incorporates project LEO, one of the UK’s most ambitious, wide-ranging and innovative energy system projects that will help the Government achieve its legally binding commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. The Low Carbon Hub is an Oxfordshire based renewable energy infrastructure that has put local power in the hands of local people.

A Q&A will be held at the end of the talk, but we also welcome your questions in advance at

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Feb 20, 2021

Green Investing: Online event video.

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