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"From the Ground Up: 20 Stories of Climate Action"

"From the Ground Up: 20 Stories of Climate Action" is an art exhibition by some of the community action groups that make up the Oxfordshire CAG network of which we are part. We are represented in not one but two of the exhibits:

1. The Watlington Climate Action Group exhibit represents the Green Plan in general and the Art Trail in particular. The track is made from a local hedgerow that was half cut down but which gained a reprieve thanks to the liaison and negotiation of the Green Plan team, and strung together using wool from the Waste Not Want Not group. It represents the journey we have been on and the luggage tags have the names of the volunteers. Items from the Green Plan Art Trail representing our various habitats are featured.

2. WCAG is part of the "Trees Collaborate" group, which is a group of CAGs involved in tree planting schemes that share knowledge and help support each other. The trees collaborate exhibit features the work by Jules Bishop made with paints with pigments created from bits of tree sent in from groups around the county that are engaged in tree planting. As well as the finished artwork there is a display of pigments and a film by Nicola Schafer of the process.

Thank you so much Jules for pulling this all together. For more information - here is the website for the exhibition.

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