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Environment Sunday "faith in the climate"

On Sunday 11th September Watlington Climate Action Group (WCAG) along with Watlington Environmental Group (WEG), joined the congregation of Watlington Methodist church at a special Environment Service. The church is actively involved in a UK initiative Eco Church which is encouraging churches to adopt environmentally friendly practices. Details of the scheme can be found online. At the moment the church has been awarded a Bronze level certificate for its action in relation to heating, use of the garden space at the back and sourcing of local produce for events. The event gave the congregation from local communities beyond Watlington itself the chance to share concerns, ideas and enthusiasm for practical actions that contribute to addressing the climate emergency.

The WCAG stand focused discussion around our priority areas of the Green Plan, Homes and Energy and Plastic Free and found that these areas resonated with the congregation and aligned with the aims of the Eco Church scheme. WCAG members Kate Brown, Lucy Irvine and Kim Price also had conversations covering concerns relating to transport, food and diet and the role of local politicians in relation to the climate emergency. It was a wonderful chance for individuals and local groups to get to know each other better, with the hope of being able to support us all meet the objectives we have set ourselves to address climate change. It was encouraging to learn that there are active pockets of people who share in our vision and belief that we must look after our beautiful planet before further irreparable damage is done.

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