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Virtual Repair Café

The Covid19 crisis has made it too difficult to hold the regular repair café’ we planned, so we have decided to go virtual until things normalise. We are asking our ‘repairers’ to give a few easy tips so that people can try to repair their things themselves at home. Why should we repair things? I hear you ask. Many of the problems connected with Climate Heating and Extinction are as a result of consumerism. Many say it’s a problem of overpopulation however it is really consumerism that is the problem. We in the rich West want stuff and fondly think we have dealt with pollution by shutting down filthy factories whereas in truth they have simply been relocated to the third world countries who are now producing ‘stuff’ for us whilst the pollution happens where we can’t see it. This is why we need to reduce, refuse, re-use and recycle. We need to add “repair” to this list and keep reminding ourselves that if you throw something away it does not go away but just goes somewhere else, usually a landfill site. Recycling is good but repair and re-use is better if you can.

Each month we will introduce one of our repairers in the Virtual Repair Cafe and invite you to have a go at repairing your broken stuff and extending its useful life before recycling or discarding it.

Our first repairer is Rob Field of Watlington Electronics. Check out his tips or take your broken electronics to him for repair - makedoandmend .


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